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Here are six representative indicators of foundation movement:
(1) a typical crack at the corner of a window
(2) more severe cracks in the wall and ceiling above a door with a frame that is out of alignment
(3) a random crack through ceramic floor tiles
(4) a crack in a brick veneer
(5) a separation between wall panels below a gypsum board wall crack
(6) a crack in a front porch slab.

 All of these are typical indications of foundation movement.  The question that I answer for the homeowner is what specifically caused their foundation to shift, how to correct for that movement and how to reduce future movement.


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Residential Structural Inspections

Typical separation between Frieze boardsTypical separation in crown molding with ceiling crack above


Typical wall crack above a doorTypical wall cracks above a door


Typical separation between Frieze boardsTypical separation between Frieze boards

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