About Dupre Consulting Services

Address: P.O. Box 5787
Round Rock TX 78683
Telephone: 469-774-4442
Email: info@dupreconsultingservices.com

We do not charge a standard fee for all engineering work.
Please contact us for an estimate.

Several variables influence pricing, primarily size of the residence, amount of damage and scope of services requested.

For second opinions on insurance claims, we review the insurance report at no charge, then decide if we can provide any beneficial service.

Depending on schedule, we provide a final report within 24 to 48 hours of the site inspection. Please contact us for current availability.

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Residential Structural Inspections

Typical separation between Frieze boardsTypical separation between Frieze boards


Typical wall crack above a doorTypical wall crack above a door


Typical exterior excavation for pier installationTypical exterior excavation for pier installation

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Service from San Antonio to South Austin

Address: P.O. Box 177
Cibolo TX 78108
Telephone: 469-774-4442
Email: info@dupreconsultingservices.com
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About Dupre Consulting Services
Foundation Inspections/Pre-purchase Inspections

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University Master of Science in Engineering (Structural), The University of Texas at Austin
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Engineer Solutions
Questions to ask before retaining an engineer

Engineer can save you money?
Recommendation of remedial procedures necessary to mitigate causes of foundation movement
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