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Do I need to retain an engineer?
If you find cracks in finish materials and are considering foundation repairs, you need to retain an engineer. Foundation repair companies typically send a "Specialist" or an estimator to inspect your house. These individuals are salesmen. Their job is to sell their product: their piers. A professional engineer works on your behalf to identify the specific causes of foundation movement. The professional engineer will then detail the appropriate remedial procedures. John P. Dupre, PE and Dupre Consulting Services honor their professional responsibility to work exclusively for their client.

How can an engineer save me money?
Most foundation repair companies will not hesitate to propose the installation of piers. The installation of piers is expensive and invasive. Poorly designed foundation repair plans can cause additional problems, including damaged plumbing lines, and might not correct existing problems. A professional engineer should recommend only those remedial procedures necessary to mitigate the identified causes of foundation movement. These remedial procedures occasionally include the installation of piers, but in many cases only site modifications and a foundation maintenance program are required. John P. Dupre, PE and Dupre Consulting Services recommend appropriate procedures based on our identification of site-specific causes of foundation movement. The appropriate remedy simply saves money.

Why can't a foundation repair company properly identify the cause of foundation movement?
Employees of foundation repair companies might claim to have special qualifications, such as "Certified Foundation Specialist." This title is only a trade designation and is not recognized by the State of Texas. A professional engineer has the special education, experience and training required for licensure by the State of Texas. "Professional Engineer" is a prestigious title. A professional engineer is uniquely qualified to identify the causes of foundation movement, propose remedial procedures and provide you with other useful information. John P. Dupre, PE is a fully-qualified Professional Engineer licensed by the State of Texas.

What type of engineer should I consult?
You need an engineer with specific knowledge and local experience, as well as the applicable educational background and training. Identifying causes of foundation movement, proposing appropriate remedial procedures and understanding the consequences of any repairs can be a complicated process. A civil, structural or geotechnical engineer is best qualified to assess your foundation. Before you retain an engineer, determine the engineer's qualifications by going to the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (State Board website). Use the PE Search function to determine the engineer's designation. John P. Dupre, PE is registered as a Structural Engineer.

Is the engineer truly independent?
A professional engineer should truly be independent from foundation repair companies. Yet, some engineers rely on referrals from foundation repair companies and may even provide or accept "referral fees." Before you retain an engineer, verify that the engineer does not have a financial relationship with any foundation repair companies. In addition, verify that the engineer does not provide or accept gratuitous items from any foundation repair companies. John P. Dupre, PE has worked with foundation repair companies, but has never accepted and will not accept referral fees or other gratuitous items.

Who will actually perform the foundation inspection?
A professional engineer should perform the foundation inspection. Some engineering firms allow technicians or other assistants to conduct foundation inspections with minimal supervision by a professional engineer. These individuals might not have the qualifications and experience to recognize the subtle evidence required to properly identify the cause of foundation movement. Prior to retaining an engineer, always determine the extent of the supervisory professional engineer's involvement. Unless disclosed otherwise, John P. Dupre, PE conducts the entire foundation assessment.



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